If you binged on MTV’s popular reality shows back in the day, chances are you’re familiar with the “Teen Mom” couple Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind.

After giving birth to the couple’s child, Aubree, Houska’s life was consumed by managing being a teen mom and dealing with her unhealthy relationship with Lind. Over the course of the show, the couple broke up and rekindled their relationship multiple times before Houska ultimately decided to leave Lind for good and focus on what was right for her and her child.

But when the camera stopped rolling, Lind had his own series of problems that don’t bode well for anything, especially his custody battle for his other daughter Paislee with a different woman named Taylor Halbur.

Halbur had taken Lind to court over the custody of their daughter Paislee. Lind was able to have supervised visitations with his daughter, but a stupid and dangerous mistake changed all of that.

Lind, who was required to take a court-ordered drug test, failed his third test when it came back positive for methamphetamines.

Lind’s test was given less than 24 hours before he was expected to pick up Paislee from her mother.

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