For teenage girls, it’s often extremely difficult to feel confident about themselves when faced with immature bullies who make it their mission to target everything their victims are self-conscious about.

One Canadian mom from Windsor, Ontario, was heartbroken when her 15-year-old daughter began struggling with her self-esteem because other girls were making fun of her looks, what she wore, and even her voice. The once-outgoing teen with a bright personality had started seeing herself as ugly and asked if she could buy some makeup to make her feel better about herself at school. When the mom took her daughter to the mall to check out a Sephora store, something amazing happened that she had to share.

When they walked into the store, they were greeted with a friendly, attractive employee who resembled the girls who’d been bullying the woman’s daughter.

The mom was a little intimidated at first, then blown away by the woman’s kindness. Not only did she help the daughter with different makeup products, but she complimented the features that the girl had been feeling especially insecure about.

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She also gave the girl advice about the issues she was having at school, being confident, and recognizing her inner beauty. Her mom says she hadn’t seen her daughter look so happy and carefree in months!

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