You have to expect the unexpected. Otherwise you get owned. Well, only sometimes. 😉 But these 23 people weren’t quite as lucky. Seriously, between run away dogs, exploding doors, and angry goats, I’ll bet you won’t either.

1. Wow, I bet he wished he knew about the secret project.

2. I’ll bet he didn’t know he could do that. Ouch.

3. Hahaha.

4. Didn’t know ski’s were vengeful.

5. He knew he fell. But not that it wasn’t over.

6. LOL.

7. Ninja squirrel!

8. Aliens have landed. News ALERT.

9. 0_0

10. I’ll bet he didn’t know his jump would end so badly…

11. Meanie.

12. No way she knew about his temper.

13. Totally didn’t see that photobomb coming.

14. Well that back fired.

15. Oh man that hurts.

16. Well that sucks.

17. That’s awesome!

18.Literally the last thing I expected.

19. Umm…ok?

20. He didn’t see that one coming.

21. Awesome-sauce.

22. No one he’ll ever trust his parents again.

23. Yes, Taylor Swift is “shocked” at every awards show.

Seriously, Taylor Swift’s always shocked. You can’t blame us for pointing out the obvious. 🙂 (H/T: BuzzFeed) If you didn’t expect these either, share them your friends below.

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