Walking down this street in Braunau am Inn, Austria, you would have absolutely no idea that this neighborhood once housed the former leader of the Third Reich.

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But once you come across this memorial plaque placed in front of the three-story structure, it becomes abundantly clear that this is the birthplace of Adolf Hitler.

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Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria, in 1889 and lived at this address until 1895 when his family moved to the town of Linz.

Since then, the house has passed ownership multiple times. After World War II, it was purchased by the Nazi regime. In 1972, the Austrian government signed a lease and renovated the home to serve as a center for the disabled. Since the lease for the center ran out in 2011, the home has been vacant. No one dares to visit except for devoted Neo-Nazis who travel from near and far to honor their horrific idol’s childhood home.

For years, the owner of the home denied potential tenants that had hopes of setting up shop inside the building. The Austrian government tried to forge a new deal with the owner on more than one occasion.

After years of legal action between the Austrian government and the homeowner, the decision has been made to demolish it.

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Once the old home is torn down, a new building will be constructed in hopes of cutting off all ties with the former’s historic associations.

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A 13-member commission made the recommendation after concluding that simply demolishing the building and making the land a vacant lot would not be sufficient. The commission feared that the site would continue serving as a pilgrimage destination for Neo-Nazis if something else wasn’t made in its place.

“I agree with the commission that a profound architectural redesign makes sense to permanently prevent both the recognition and the symbolic value of the building,” said Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka.

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While the legal proceedings to demolish and rebuild on the land are underway, it remains unknown what exactly will be erected on the property, although it is thought that the new building could serve as the home office for a local charity.

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It amazes me that a house with no historical significance other than having been the childhood home to one of the world’s most deplorable villains wasn’t torn down sooner.

(via CNN and Independent)

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