Most parents do all they can to keep their kids away from drugs, but this woman in South Australia? She held a bong right to a young child’s face and encouraged her to smoke it.

The appalling images, which are believed to be screenshots from Snapchat, surfaced online late last week. Admittedly, it’s not clear what substance is in the bong, however, the apparatus is most commonly used to smoke marijuana.

After numerous complaints on social media, police followed up on the child’s well-being. According to reports, she was removed from the home by protective services earlier this year.

Below are the original images, as well as a report on the incident by a local news team. It’s unthinkable to imagine any parent allowing their child to be near a bong, much less helping them to smoke it.

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Whether or not marijuana was in the bong is a moot point — no child deserves to grow up in this kind of environment. SHARE this shocking story with your friends and family if you agree.

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