A man named Wilson Martins Coutinho dedicates his life to helping the poor and helpless animals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His kindness and compassion is moving. However, the story of Francisco, a dog he found only moments from death, will simply break you down into tears.

Warning: Francisco was found in extremely poor condition and these photos may be upsetting.

Francisco was found on March 31, 2013.

He had wounds all over his body.

Most of them were gaping, unable to heal on their own.

Not only that, but they were filled with maggots.

Francisco was being eaten alive.

It took a long time to clean and start treating his wounds. His mouth was gently bound, in case the process hurt him and he snapped instinctively from the pain.

But, the poor guy put up with all of the cleaning.

No matter how painful or scary it was.

You could see the appreciation on Francisco’s face.

Especially when he was offered food.

The starving dog was incredibly eager to feed.

Time to rest after the first round of cleaning.

The maggots had to be carefully removed from the wounds with tweezers.

It was a slow process.

Antiseptic ointment was regularly applied to all of his wounds.

Even during the maggot removal process.

It was rough on Francisco.

But he had angels watching over him.

The nutrients helped him heal.

But so did a trip to the vet.

Within just a few days, his wounds were looking better.

Then, even Francisco began to perk up, knowing when it was dinner time.

He also began to really get to know his rescuer.

His personality really began to shine through.

Even though he still had to rest around the clock as he healed.

Over the next month, his body healed considerably.

Even his shoulder wound was healing nicely.

Finally getting some energy!

And finally getting some love.

Francisco is one lucky pup.

Francisco is just one of the many animals that Wilson and his friends have found and rescued in Brazil.

Source: facebook.com via dogheirs.com

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