Feeding finicky children can be extremely taxing.

Buying, preparing, and cooking food is one thing…but forcing a child throwing a tantrum to eat it? That’s another entirely! Sarah Gonzalez, also known as Lunarbell Lunch on Instagram, is a mother of six that found a unique way to get her kids to eat lunch.

To avoid fits during mealtime, she began creating these delightful and beautiful lunches.

How could a kid resist this delicious tribute to Shark Week?

(Don’t worry, you can feed yourself this after midnight.)

It takes her about an hour to create one of these fanciful plates.

It’s worth the effort, though! Not only is her Instagram amazing, but her kids love the lunches.

Sven from “Frozen” for lunch, anyone?

Her attention to detail is honestly mind-blowing (this Pluto lunch even features Mickey Mouse sprinkles).

If you want to see even more of her delicious creations, visit her Instagram!

It would be difficult to eat anything so beautiful, but at least she regularly creates new edible works of art. (After all, her kids do have to eat.)

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