When prisoners are held in solitary confinement they are put in small, windowless cells for 22 to 24 hours a day. The United Nations has denounced solitary confinement as torture. The prisoners experience severe depression, sensory deprivation among other psychological effects. A prison rights group wanted to give inmates locked in a super-maximum security prison the chance to see images they were desperate to see. These are the touching photos they requested.

His own auntie’s house.

A stained glass window a prisoner liked.

The Chicago skyline.

South King and 63rd on the South Side of Chicago.

A photograph of the inmate and three wild lions.

The Michael Jordan statue.

A picture of his mother (she passed away the year before), a castle, a Hummer and a big pile of money.

The Puerto Rican flag.

The Masonic Temple.

The downtown Christmas tree.

The Navy Pier.

Genesee Street in Downtown Waukegan, Illinois.

The members of Tamms Year Ten fighting for the men at Tamms.

A vigil at Bald Knob Cross held for the inmates.

Some inmates asked their Department of Corrections photos to be placed on different backgrounds so they could be sent to their families.

A boy and girl, in their Sunday best, sitting side by side on a piano bench, with a single rose on the keys (this photo was a present for the inmate’s wife).

Several inmates requested images of the area where Chicago public housing project Robert Taylor Homes used to be, and what it looks like now.

One inmate asked for a picture of a friend that will write to them.

The prison-rights group is called Tamms Year Ten and although Illinois prison policy prohibits the prisoners from hanging the photos on their walls, the group still makes the photos for those locked away in a supermax, just to give them a glimmer of hope and happiness. Seeing what the prisoners asked for gives you a glimpse into what they yearn for or miss on the outside. They’ve made mistakes – terrible mistakes – but they are still human beings with feelings. And their requested photos show it. Sources

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