Being passive aggressive is the worst form of aggression. Leaving passive aggressive notes? Even worse, because then you’re not even there to experience the horrible consequences of being kind of a jerk (albeit in a subtle way). But no matter how silly it is to leave these notes lying around, it’s even worse to be the terrible people who deserve them.

Get ready to cringe your face off!

1. This patriotic note

2. This hungry, hungry toilet paper holder

3. This subtle note

4. This threatening salad dressing

5. This polite plea for socks

6. This passive aggressive illustration

7. This careful warning

8. This parent’s thoughtful note

9. This reminder of what Jesus would have done

10. This message about magical dish gnomes

11. This aggressive surrender

12. This serious Post-It note

13. This hilarious “compliment”

14. This other fair use of Post-It notes

15. This helpful challenge from dear old dad

16. This sort-of thoughtful office kitchen note

17. This helpful note for kitchen usage

18. This clever way to use your unwanted onion

19… you don’t say

20. This thoughtful note left for the absentee server

21. This note is getting meta

If you can take anything away from this, let it be this: always pick up after yourself and never steal things from your roommates or coworkers. Or else, you might just get one of these someday.

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