It’s not every day that your favorite zoo baby turns three years old. Kambiri the mountain gorilla is a baby most people love and she just celebrated officially being a toddler in gorilla years. Be careful though: she WILL steal your heart.

Kiki the gorilla gave birth to a tiny bundle of joy… her name is Kambiri.

Kambiri was Kiki’s pride and joy, she would do anything to protect her.

When Kambiri got her first checkup, she was nothing but smiles.

She was a gorgeous little gorilla.

As she grew up, mommy taught her all there was to know about being a gorilla.

That just so happened to include awesome piggy back rides.

Also, chilling and looking pensive.

Not many people know that gorillas are experts at meditation.

She also had a penchant for eating healthy.

Nothing but greens for this girl!

As Kambiri got older, her personality began to shine. She was a smart little cookie.

And had the cutest little gorilla butt around.

Kambiri loved to play.

Especially if it involved her daddy, Kit.

Happy Birthday Kambiri, the world can’t wait to celebrate more with you.

Keep on being amazing, Kambiri! Source

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