A woman driving in the Jiangsu Province of China survived an accident that no one else would have been able to. A container on a semi fell over, crushing her car. Onlookers believed her to be dead… and rescue workers were SHOCKED when they heard her cry for help.

By looking at the photo of the crash, you would think the woman in the car died.

Miraculously, she did not. In fact, she was unhurt.

Onlookers couldn’t believe what they saw. The woman underneath the container was all right.

Rescue workers hurried to free her from her crushed vehicle, stunned whenever she was able to cry for help.

A crane had to lift the container off of her body.

She survived something absolutely incredible.

She stunned onlookers by walking from the fatal-looking scene.

The only thing that died that day was her trusty Nissan.

It’s a miracle she survived this crash – and it’s absolutely unbelievable that she walked away from it.


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