If you ever had (or desperately wanted) a treehouse as a kid, then you know how incredibly cool it would be to just hang out in the canopy in a world of your own. Thanks to some fantastic architects, the Treehotel in Sweden is letting you do just that, but as an adult. Founders Britta and Kent designed a treehouse hotel that’s absolutely stunning and puts most other hotels to shame. They combined avant-garde design with nature and got some amazing results.

The Treehotel has five rooms (the one shown below being the Bird’s Nest), each with a completely different design.

The rooms sit 13-19 feet above Harads village, in the trees.

Treehotel was inspired by the movie The Tree Lover by Jonas Selberg Augusten.

One of the most interesting rooms is the Mirrorcube. It was designed to be camouflaged, with the 13x13x13-feet walls reflecting the surrounding trees.

Each room has between 161 and 322 square feet of space. All of the lighting, fabrics and furniture are unique to the different rooms.

This intimate area is known as The Cabin. It overlooks the Lule River valley and features large, panoramic windows.

If you stay at the Treehotel, you also get access to the sauna, hot tub and relaxation area.

Being at one with nature would be easy at the Treehotel.

Best. View. Ever.

The next time your friends build their kid a treehouse, it’ll be hard not to compare it to the Treehotel. Source: justluxe.com Not only are these rooms works of art, but you can totally sleep in them and catch up on Netflix. Share this article by clicking below!

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