There are lots of talented artists in the world that no one knows the name of. Many of said artists take to the streets, showing the world just what they can do by leaving anonymous pieces scattered throughout cities. Some of this art can be beautiful. Some can be clever. And some can be so terrifying that you’ll lose a week’s worth of sleep if you came across this graffiti at night. Seriously, if we saw this on the street at night, we’d turn around.

1.) This skeletal dog/baby won’t let me sleep.

2.) Once you see it, you’ll never un-see it.

3.) I really hope not…

4.) I’m not even sure what makes this so terrifying.

5.) It’s judgment day.

6.) Save the children.

7.) Hold onto your soul for this one…

8.) I’ll never feel safe again.

9.) The mask just makes it worse…

10.) This was found in an abandoned hospital.

11.) Nooooo, pleaaaaase.

12.) I love it, but I fear it. Woah.

13.) There’s just something so wrong about this…

14.) Bad Felix…

15.) All of its eyes are watching you.

16.) You made him cry.

This is the kind of art that’ll keep you up at night. Although most of it was made with simple stencils and spray paint, there is something about the images that are unnerving and it’s hard to describe why. Share this with others… it’s just too creepy not to…

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