Cable and satellite companies are the absolute worst.  If you are one of the surprisingly many of us who haven’t just completely dropped cable and turned to Netflix and HBO Go exclusively, you probably know this already. Just in case you forgot, here are some pictures to remind you of the pirate bartering you have to do with these companies just so you can watch baseball games live.

1) Off to a good start already! This Time Warner technician fell asleep on some dude’s couch.

2) As did this Comcast technician.

3) Talk about your ‘crappy service’. They installed cable right into this person’s plumbing.

4) It’s cool how Comcast let’s you choose between having cable or a functioning gutter system.

5) The Triple Play bundle is a good deal for people who don’t know that there is value assigned to money.

6) Sometimes it’s good to reach an agreement with your cable provider on what “the internet” actually is.

7) Comcast appreciates all the work that you ended up doing yourself and happily accepts $10 for allowing you to do so.

8) How about this guy who sent in his old cable box to get replaced, only to have Comcast sent this in return. Perfect.

9) If you’re looking for a sign that Comcast makes people happy, look no further than their office… where they greet your concerns through a cheerful window of bulletproof glass.

10) Ummmmmm. Ok?

11) This guy was trying to break it off with Direct TV, but Direct TV wanted to work things out emotionally for 2 hours first. Just to clear the air.

12) This cable guy moonlights as a detective solving a murder mystery.

13) Time Warner doesn’t nickel and dime their customers… instead, they’ll literally send a collection notice for two pennies.

Ugh, we are truly saints for dealing with these guys so patiently.  They definitely don’t deserve us.  If you have immense hate for cable/internet/satellite companies, help fuel it by sharing this on Facebook and using their technology against them!

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