Visiting your veterinarian’s office is a lot like visiting the doctor, except the vet’s patients aren’t able to speak for themselves.

While most pets aren’t always thrilled about visiting the vet, as pet parents, we can rest easy knowing that our animals are getting the best health care possible to ensure they live long, healthy lives. Your vet is responsible for administering your pet’s shots, providing treatment for diseases, and for making sure your animals are registered with the state in case they are lost or stolen. You vet can be a literal lifesaver. They may even be putting your animals’ lives before their own.

As a new study revealed, while veterinarians deal with the health of your pets, their own mental-health may be suffering.

The nation’s first mental health survey of veterinarians in the United States has revealed that vets are more likely to experience mental disorders when compared to the rest of the U.S. adult population.

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As part of the survey, participants were asked about their mental health experiences and were told to answer a series of standardized questions.

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