A group of friends were bet that they couldn’t build a rollercoaster for under $50 in one friend’s backyard. No matter where this bet started, we know where it ended: awesomeness. This Reddit user posted the progress and with just some wood, wheels and willpower, these friends constructed something pretty awesome (that we will be eternally jealous of).

They started building the coaster at night, only using materials they bought at Home Depot for less than $50.

They kept building into the night (until the neighbors started complaining).

They built the seat first so they would know how big to build the track.

They let the boards soak in water overnight so that they could be bent into shape the next morning.

After 27 hours, this was the result! It was simple, elegant and beautiful.

And not to mention, FUN.

With a few additions (Christmas lights) the roller coaster became a hit in the neighborhood.

What people can do with imagination and just $50 is absolutely stunning.


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