Are ghosts and spirits real? The answer really depends on your view of the world. When we’re presented with so-called “evidence” of ghostly apparitions, it so often turns out to be fake or a trick of the light. That’s why this photo taken at the scene of a deadly crash in Kentucky is really making waves.

Saul Vazquez was stuck in traffic near Stanton, Kentucky, when a fatal motorcycle accident occurred in the opposite lane. As he passed the scene of the accident, Vazquez took a photo. In it, you can clearly make out a white, foggy shape floating above the scene. Some people online are arguing that it looks an awful lot like a human. Could it be the victim’s spirit leaving his body?

What do you think?

(via Week In Weird)

While I will admit that it’s a freaky photo, I still don’t think it’s enough evidence to say whether or not ghosts exist.

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