When he was a kid, this man’s family was too poor to spend extra money on new toys. Instead of not having any fun as a child, he just let his imagination and creativity run wild. He found a way to make his own figurines out of the simplest (and cheapest) household items, and thus, the Twist Tie Guys were born.

By just wrapping twist ties around themselves, this guy was able to make tons of figurines for himself as a kid.

And some of them were legitimately pretty cool.

THE box.

It might not be a stack of Transformers or GI Joes, but we think it’s pretty awesome.

As a kid, he must have had a wicked imagination.

Not every 8 year-old could make something like this.

Seriously, wow.

This guy should be designing for Blizzard or something.

And finally, an homage to the epic Joss Whedon series, Firefly (the Serenity).

So, if you want to get your kid something really special this Christmas, just hand him or her a pile of twist ties. They’ll (hopefully) know what to do.


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