Flying on a plane is scary enough for many people, but the added worry of a drunk pilot makes the terror nearly unbearable.

We can all agree that this misconduct should never happen, but for some reason, more and more stories of pilots indulging on-duty have been emerging. Just recently, a Sunwing Airlines pilot was found unconscious in the cockpit of a plane. Calgary police say he had a blood alcohol level that was more than three times the legal limit. Another man was just arrested in Indonesia for trying to fly a commercial plane under the influence.

Tekad Purna was getting ready to take off from Surabaya to Jakarta on an Airbus A320 when passengers noticed he was slurring in his announcements. He was arrested shortly after, but the footage captured of him stumbling through the security check-in is shocking.

Though he is clearly hammered, the security agents do absolutely nothing to stop him.

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