Kyle Longwell and his fiancee Sara Guinn (so, soon to be Sara Longwell) have a pet bunny. That adorable bunny’s name is Danger. They decided they wanted to build a special place for Danger to enjoy his little bunny life – and this was the adorable, awesome result. It all started with an old, seemingly useless hutch.

This is the armoire we started with – cheap buy from Craigslist



Grill for hay distribution

Plastic liners on all floor surfaces

Finished hay bin

Finished doors with paint and fencing

Custom water bottle holder

Ramps and back wall installed

Closeup of back wall fabric hay bin and floor tray

With new food bowls and handles

The dogs are happy to deliver the finished hutch to their brother

LED lights installed at home

Ramp open

Ramp closed

Danger finally enjoying the fruits of our labor

Thirsty bun

Scoping out the new digs

View from outside

Quite the climber

Hop Inn and its happy guest

The finished hutch

Now THAT is how you show an animal you love him. Although I have to admit, I’m torn between “Hop Inn” and “Danger Zone” for the name. Since the hutch was built, Danger found his soulmate. Her name is Delilah.


They are in bunny love and will live happily ever after in the awesome hutch that Kyle and Sara built. Source If you love what these awesome pet owners did for their sweet bunnies, click the share button below!

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