When rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited responded to a call regarding a trapped donkey in a septic tank, they couldn’t begin to imagine how the animal could have gotten himself into such a predicament. As they arrived, all they found was a small square hole about the size of a computer screen. Upon further inspection they found an adult donkey standing with legs locked, in total darkness, fending off water that was almost at chest level.

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After attempting to pick away at the cement, rescuers had to bring in a jackhammer to create a space wide enough for a large animal to fit through. As two men climbed down into the murky water, they covered the scared donkey with blankets before securing him with ropes that would aid in lifting him out of the water.

Never fear! When animals are in need, Animal Aid Unlimited is here!

If you’d like to extend a helping hand to the dedicated rescuers at Animal Aid Unlimited, consider giving a donation today.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/septic-tank-rescue/

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