If you thought the guy who hogs the TV, eats your food, and probably uses your towel was bad, you’re really going to hate these roommates. At least the one who finished your leftovers pays rent (albeit, at least a week late)! Check out 15 common household bugs that could be chilling at your place right now.

1. Houseflies – Can spread bacteria and disease.

2. Odorous House Ants – Will get all up in your sugary snacks.

3. Silverfish – Not only will these bad boys eat your food, they’ll munch on the glue that holds your books together.

4. House Centipedes – Can be venomous.

5. Cockroaches – Would likely outlive you in a nuclear war, transmits pathogens.

6. House Spiders – Though often beneficial to your living environment, some of them will bite.

7. Bed Bugs – Will feast on your blood.

8. Bees – Makes annoying buzzing sound, stings.

9. Chiggers – May give you incredibly itchy bites.

10. Fleas – Transmit serious diseases.

11. Lice – Could lead to a really bad haircut.

12. Mosquitoes – Can carry the dangerous West Nile Virus.

13. Meal Moths – Contaminate your food with their poop.

14. Termites – Can damage your building.

15. Ticks – Carry Lyme disease, among others.

(via: WebEcoist, Greatist) I think I’ll go a little easier on my roommate Trevor next time he comes home with a random piece of furniture he found on the street. After all, he’s not nearly as bad as the bed bugs–wait a second! TREVOR! Share this post using the button below.

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