It’s not every day that looking at an image can simultaneously impress you by its beauty… and possibly stun you. Photographer David Lloyd has captured some of the most intensely beautiful images Mother Nature has to offer. The images below are just a sample from the exhibition “Bronze, Black and White, a Joint exhibition with Scuplture”, which takes place at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery in Pall Mall, London.

A gazelle, merely seconds from death.

The raw power of two young lions.

A hungry vulture, looking for death.

The quiet hunt of a jaguar.

This cheetah’s lazy nap with humans.

A wise giraffe.

Wildebeest stampeding away from predators.

The last, tense moments of a hunt.

Two young lions sharing a special moment together.

Zebras, relying on each other for protection.

The strong jaws of a crocodile, stealing life away.

A proud lion, mid-roar.

A lion cub’s first journey out into the wilderness.

An ancient-looking water buffalo, staring out into the world.

It’s impossible NOT to be impressed by these images. Source

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