Meet Daniel Drake, or as he prefers to be known as: Dr. Dan the Pancake Man. Dan is the most amazing pancake cook you’ll ever come across. That’s if cook is even the right word to describe what he does – he’s more of a pancake artist. What makes Dan’s pancakes so special is that he can turn that tasty pancake batter into pretty much anything his mind comes up with; anything from famous cartoon characters, to video game characters and even internet memes. Dr. Dan works his pancake magic from the Courtesy Diner in St. Louis and he posts many of his creations to his Facebook fan page.

Dr. Dan working his magic.

Like any great artist he’s gotta have a self portrait.

Video game characters:

Cartoon characters:

Even Nyan Cat has been forever captured in pancake form…well that is until some hungry mouth ate it.

Yes Dr. Dan, we really, really are!

In Dan’s own words:

Basically, I’m just a dude with a job that’s trying to make better tips and bigger smiles by turning pancakes into art.

You can see a lot more of his work on his Facebook page. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go try to create my own…and fail miserably.

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