For some strange, twisted reason, almost anything you see in the animal kingdom that is brightly colored or awesome to look at is completely deadly (or at least partially terrifying). The Maratus volans, better known as the Peacock Spider is no different. However, the only thing that’s terrifying about the Peacock spider is the fact that it’s a spider (that’s enough reason to be afraid of it for me). Dr. Jurgen Otto, the brave soul, decided to get up close and personal with these spiders to give the world a better look at their tiny, brilliantly-colored bodies. As it turns out, these spiders are pretty awesome.

This little guy is known as the Maratus speciosus, or the Coastal Peacock spider. His orange hairs are only visible during his mating display.

The Maratus harrisi is one of the more rare species of Peacock spider; this is only the third spider to ever be photographed.

Maratus linnaei is one of the hairier Peacock spiders, almost resembling a cross between a moth and tarantula.

Meet the Maratus mungaich and its all-seeing eye.

This little guy is a mysterious species of Maratus, hailing from Tasmania.

And this mystery Maratus is from Australia.

The Maratus amabilis coloration almost seems like there are eyes looking back at you.

We love Darlington’s Peacock spider’s tiny white mustache.

The Maratus splendens very well could hold the secret to Spiderman’s powers.

The bright colors of the Peacock spiders are used by males to attract mates.

(And who wouldn’t love this fantastic dancing?)

… still scary, even though they are SO tiny.

The spiders you see above are only four millimeters in length (which is 0.15 inches). It’s a miracle Dr. Otto was able to spot them at all. “I have a very keen eye for small things”, said Dr Jurgen Otto. “When I walk around the bush I usually don’t look into the trees, I usually look on the ground. There was a spider that just looked different to other spiders I’d seen before so I was very curious…and I took a couple of photos.” I’m glad Otto was able to take these amazing pictures, because there is NO way I’d willingly go near a spider. Source: Share these adorable little guys with your friends!

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