At the Gunyah Animal Healing Sanctuary in Victoria, Australia, a kind woman named Kathy has been taking in unwanted animals since 2010.

Over the years, she’s given dogs, cats, and even goats second chances at life. Some are old, injured, or simply discarded by their humans, but with love and gentle care, these animals find new reasons to live. She’s seen a lot in six years, but she admits that she’s never witnessed anything like the friendship between Tahlia the black cat and Jemelda the senior dog.

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Before coming to live at the shelter, both animals had been abandoned by their owners.

It seemed like no one wanted them…until they found each other! Suddenly, life had a whole new meaning.

Days that used to be filled with nothing but loneliness were soon filled with love and snuggles.

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Sometimes, they let another dog come into the fold.

Or cat. You can’t deny that Jemelda makes a great chin rest.

But most of the time, they just like to be alone.

Close doesn’t even begin to describe their relationship.

I mean, would your best friend let you do this?

Tahlia and Jemleda aren’t the only ones with an adorable friendship at the Gunyah Animal Healing Sanctuary. There’s also a dog whose best friend is a baby goat.

And a cat who likes to kiss her goat pal right on the nose!

Don’t worry, they’re not stealing your thunder, Tahlia and Jemelda. You two are still the cutest!

Get some precious rest until we see you again.

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I’m going to try not to faint from all this cuteness, “try” being the operative word.

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