You can turn anything into a joke if make North Korea the punchline. The extreme country is hard to understand and full of frightening rules. It’s being behind the times in pretty much everything. Not only that, but its citizens are repressed, starved and abused.

In a new show of the country’s ineptitude, photos were recently released of their newest world class “ski resort.” But upon close inspection, there appears to be something missing. Something pretty darn vital….

Oh yeah. Snow.

Welcome to the Masikryong Ski Resort. It has everything except the one thing needed to actually ski.

Recently visited by photographer Aram Pan, it was described as new and clean, but empty and snowless.

You’re telling me…

And by the way, this is how it always looks.

If you find a reason to come here (we’re not sure how the dirt poor population could afford it), there are world class accommodations.

From weird (stadium-like) dining.

To cozy bedrooms (this is a SECOND CLASS room!).

And since you won’t be hitting the slopes, you might as well get a great massage.

Or burn some calories…

Maybe even buy a souvenir to remember your “awesome” ski trip?

Ugh, who are you kidding, Kim Jong-un?!

(via Elite Daily)

This is embarrassing. If North Korea can’t figure out how to make a ski resort have snow, what are we so afraid of?

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