Ronan Nelson and Taylor Cunningham are two teens that faced incredible trials… but still came out on top. Each of them suffered injuries that threatened their lives, but afterwards, each realized that nothing in this life is impossible.

Ronan Nelson was a rugby player at California’s Cathedral Catholic High School. During a match, he became seriously injured.

The accident crushed his spine and left him paralyzed.

Taylor Cunningham was the victim of a drunk driving accident.

The drunk driver hit her car head-on. Taylor was riding with her mother and sisters.

She spend 17 days in a coma, 75 total days in the hospital and many feared that she would never be able to walk again.

But instead of letting their incredible struggles weigh them down, these two teens chose the road less traveled.

Both of them did whatever it took to move forward with their lives… and their classmates were so impressed, they were crowned Homecoming king and queen.

“I’m always positive and it really comes in handy,” Taylor said. “It’s been really hard, but everything is doable.”

Ronan added: “Even if you are physically disabled or mentally disabled – any kind of handicap – you’re able to do anything. Anything is possible. Don’t get down on yourself, really.”

Even though these teenagers were faced with incredible odds… giving up was never and option. Giving up shouldn’t be an option for YOU, either.

Spread the word to your loved ones: NEVER give up.


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