If you saw the Exmoor Egg while out on a walk, you would probably think that it was an alien space ship or at LEAST just a really weird rock. However, this man-made egg is something completely different. What it’s really for is actually stranger than fiction.

No, this isn’t a camera trick. What you’re seeing is a giant wooden egg, floating on a body of water.

It’s not a modern art installation either, it’s actually someone’s home. British artist Stephen Turner lives inside of the “Exmoor Egg.”

It took him six months to build and 40,000 pounds (approximately $64,600). For being as tiny as it is, the price seems outrageous… but the artist wanted it for something very specific.

The egg is completely self-sustaining, containing everything a man would need to survive.

It floats on the water and is technically registered as a boat.

Each plank was fitted to the egg by hand. After the first layer was complete, a layer of Epoxy Glass matting before adding the second layer of wood. The egg needed to be water-tight.

Once inside, the egg is much roomier than it seems from the outside. As an artist, Stephen Turner’s spends long periods in odd abandoned places, noting changes in the complex relationship between human-made and natural environments. Spending 12 months in the egg was a perfect idea.


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