It wasn’t enough that these three soldiers were risking their lives for our country. No, they also had to go and save a small and innocent creature that was trapped in the most adorable way. They heard some meowing coming from deep within a drainage ditch, so they just had to investigate. What they found was a pathetic kitten in desperate need of help. So, they gave him a hand.

The cries for help were coming out of this drain.

So they quickly went to work.

The soldiers weren’t really sure what they would find, but they wanted to give this a shot.

It took some digging around…

But eventually…

They found him!

Welcome back to the world, little guy.

His fate if left down here would have been much worse.

Recovering from his ordeal.

This is one lucky kitty.

So, there you have it. These troops are heroes… in more ways than just one.

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