Finding something in your food is one of the absolute worst things that can happen. Chances are, you’ll never eat there again, lest you remember that cockroach baked into your hamburger.

Ugh.. just saying that makes me queasy. Everyone makes mistakes (even people in the food and service industry)… but it would be hard to forgive these slip-ups.

1.) Cockroaches, ants, insects, oh my!

McDonalds patrons have found all of these recently in their food. Hungry still?

2.) Chicken head.

Back in the day a woman loved chicken nuggets. But this one was farrrr from the usual white meat goodness we normally expect to find. That’s ok though, McDonald’s paid her $100,000 to forget the whole thing!

3.) Lizard salad.

Robin Sandusky found this in her salad back in 2005. “I turned it over and the gore was hanging out the back of the neck.” Eww.

4.) Dead mouse.

In 2009 a man was making sandwiches for his children’s lunches when he came across this little food gem. “I noticed a dark coloured object embedded in the corner of three or four slices…as I looked closer I saw that the object had fur on it.” The bread’s manufacturer Premier Foods immediately apologized for the incident, but didn’t escape the almost £17,000 fine.

5.) Frozen frog.

Tim Hoffman found this stowaway after defrosting his veggies overnight. Thank goodness he didn’t cook him too!

6.) Cigarette in fried rice.

After heating a bowl of rice for her one year old daughter, this mother smelled smoke. And for good reason.

7.) Live newt salad.

Imagine being a vegetarian and almost eating a live newt… that’s what happened to one Manhattan resident at work. Apparently she’d already eaten a good amount of the salad too before discovering the distressed newt. Let’s just hope he didn’t leave any little presents for her to find.

8.) One inch nail in Mac & Cheese.

Scene of the crime: August 2008, UK. After this resident “…bit into something hard, then I took another bite and saw a nail in the macaroni,” she realized she needed to go to the hospital. STAT. After finding out by X-Ray that she had indeed shallowed the nail, she stayed there for several days until it passed and vowed to never again eat anything from her favorite vendor again. Duhhhh!

9.) Pickled rat.

Ever wondered what a 9 inch picked rat would look like? Me neither… but apparently that’s what Jeanette Reinders found in November 2005.

(via Yahoo/Collective Evolution)

WOW. I can’t lie, I didn’t make it through that whole thing in one sitting. Hopefully you already ate lunch. Click on the button below to share these insane discoveries with others.

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