Sometimes, the world just gets to us and we all crave a nice long day at the spa. The feeling usually starts setting in after your first job, or at the very least after your first steps.

But that’s not the case for this Houston, TX, spa which caters exclusively to babies. To be fair, the time between 2-weeks and 6-months can be awfully stressful for the little ones learning about this brand new world. FloatBabies was founded by certified infant massage instructor Kristi Ison and offers water therapy as well as instructing parents on the soothing ways of infant massage.

Benefits for the babies include increased muscular and skeletal strength.

They also claim that the subtle water pressure can help strengthen the respiratory system.

Ison with one of her clients.

They look like happy customers to me!

Ison also claims the watery environment seems natural to babies after spending 9-months in the womb.

And the massage helps improve their tiny circulatory systems.

(via Elite Daily.)

Hour-long group sessions start at $65. You can find more, including testimonials and how to book a session, on the official website.

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