Everyone does some pretty dumb things sometimes, but usually you can brush it off as a fluke and say, “I’m not usually this dumb, I’m just having an off day.” But sometimes you do something so dumb that you start to wonder… 

Chin up, though, kid. You’re not alone. Here are some people just completely doing life wrong, to the point that it is inexcusable. 

1.) This dog is playing fetch wrong, but I want to see what happens next.

2.) This restaurant is doing weeks wrong.

3.) This person did apostrophe’s wrong. Hopefully it’s better for him now?

4.) This guy is either doing cafeteria signs wrong, or chicken nuggets totally wrong.

5.) Coke wants us to drink coke the wrong way. Don’t even wanna know.

6.) This guy making the WRONG move. ‘V’ for ‘very drunk’.

7.) This guy is displaying his flowers wrong and probably also smoking weed wrong.

8.) These contractors did this handicap ramp wrong. Might be less treacherous to take the stairs at this point.

9.) This guy is doing conservation wrong.

10.) This guy is doing the swirly poles at the playground, but honestly does anyone know how to do those right?

11.) Justin Bieber is dealing with the rumor-hungry media wrong.

12.) This company wants you to do your coloring books wrong.

13.) This guy is doing gravity wrong. (I thought the picture was just upside down, but check out the chimney!)

14.) This company is selling houses wrong. As if they economy wasn’t already a deterrent.

15.) This guy is using public transportation wrong. Also that bus driver is probably doing his job wrong.

16.) This store is entertaining children wrong.

17.) This store is speaking kitty wrong.

18.) This person clearly did middle school health class wrong.

19.) This rent-a-space advertising location is somehow doing advertising completely wrong.

20.) This guy is utilizing his accessories wrong.

21.) This guy is also battling the sun the wrong way.

22.) This trail is cruely doing math wrong.

23.) Despite what her dog might think, this lady is doing parenting wrong.

24.) This store is trying to be helpful, but in the wrong way. This is like something a mobster would do.

25.) This newspaper is just wrong. So wrong.

26.) This Middle Eastern lunch place is pairing the wrong thing with rice.

27.) This restaurant is doing sandwiches wrong. How do they do tacos?

28.) This parking lot is making handicap parking available wrong.

29.) This chick is doing volleyball wrong. Well, I mean her serving posture is pretty spot on, but…

Just this week I tapped the shoulder of a girl I thought I knew (then I ran away in shame). That was pretty embarrassing, but man these people…these people should probably go into hiding for a while (or maybe forever).

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