John Piccoli is a 70 year-old man. He is also restricted to a wheelchair because he had polio as a young boy. But those two facts aren’t the most important things about this man. John is an artist. Not only is he an artist, but a very unique one at that. The Australian man doesn’t use paints or clays to create his pieces. Instead, he uses a small crane and a pile of scrap metal. You won’t believe the outcome.

This is what he starts with.

This is John Piccoli.

And THIS is what he makes.

It’s hard to believe something this beautiful was fashioned out of old wrenches.

Lots of them.

30 years ago, John started making small garden sculptures from the wrenches he collected.

He kept at it, honing his craft.

Years later, he is still making sculptures for gardens…

But now, they are large-scale pieces.

And the places accepting his works are museums and galleries.

The Leaping Fish

A Fisherman and Net

The Warrior

Horse and Cart

A close-up of the large cart.

Two Mustangs Battling

The Little Mermaid

A Family of Deer

The Love Seat.

John is able to work in three dimensions in his workshop with the help of a small crane. Being confined to a wheelchair hasn’t thrown a wrench into his visions as an artist. Via: The ReUse People of America John has talent and gumption that is rare to find. Not only that, but the medium he chooses to use is one of the most unique you’ll stumble across. Share his work with others.

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