There was nothing that 36-year-old Katie Button loved more in the world than cats.

Serving as a strong advocate for feline welfare, Button made it her mission to help as many cats as possible. Along with her husband Sebastian, she traveled abroad with many animal organizations to help release feral cats and protect them from danger. She also worked at Cats Protection Bridgend Adoption Center.

After a long day at work, Button began suffering from flu-like symptoms. No one thought her condition was very serious, and no one knew that the young woman would never return to the work she loved.

Button arrived home from work on December 14 felling quite ill. She thought she might be coming down with the flu, so she decided to lie down and get a good night’s rest.

She and her husband called NHS Direct, a health information service, to see if she might have something dangerous.

They were advised to reach out again if her condition worsened. And with that, Button went back to bed.

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