On Easter Sunday, 74-year-old Robert Godwin was walking along a road in Cleveland, Ohio, when a stranger approached him and took his life.

Now Cleveland police are searching for 37-year-old Steve Stephens, the man who not only filmed himself shooting Godwin and then uploaded the video to Facebook, but claimed to have killed over 10 other people as well. His reason for committing this senseless violence? According to him, problems with his girlfriend were to blame for what he called his “Easter Day Massacre.”

Stephens was initially believed to have shown the shooting on Facebook Live, but a spokesperson for Facebook said that he uploaded pre-recorded footage to the site. He also shared a number of other disturbing posts that day, including statements about how he “lost everything” to gambling and that he “killed 12 people today,” then later claimed that he killed 15 people.

According to authorities, it appears that Stephens targeted Godwin at random. No evidence of any other victims has been found. “There are no other victims that we know of,” said Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams.

Watch some of the disturbing footage at your own risk below.

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