While walking along the streets of Hong Kong, Amanda Ho Min-ching and her friends noticed this poor pup injured and alone. Instead of turning away from the tragic situation, they gathered with other locals to bring the sweet girl to an emergency veterinary center.

They named her Barry, and as she was receiving care at the hospital, Min-ching helped to organize an online group to spread the word about Barry’s urgent need for assistance.

Warning: some of the photos are quite graphic.

She was suffering severe wounds and a swollen tongue.

Knowing the poor girl had a long road of recovery ahead of her (and the medical bills that come with it), Min-ching and her friends set up a Facebook group in the hopes of inspiring donations.

It didn’t take long for more than 3,000 kind strangers to join the group and pour in nearly $22,000 in funds on her behalf.

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With their help, she has successfully completed her first surgery and is healing well.

Barry isn’t out of the woods yet, but with so many people on her side it’s safe to say she’s got a great shot of pulling through.

(via The Dodo)

You can follow along with her recovery by joining their Facebook group and maybe even sending a donation of your own. Despite whatever trauma Barry went through that brought her to this sad situation, it’s heartwarming to know there are still those who look out for creatures who can’t fend for themselves.

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