If you were asked to guess how old the youngest mother in the world was, you might say as low as 10 or 11.

But what if I told you that it’s actually possible to get pregnant at a much earlier age? It seems totally unbelievable, but shockingly enough, it’s true. In 1939, a five-year-old Peruvian girl named Lina Medina gave birth to a baby boy.

When Lina was five, she started complaining about having stomach pains. Her mother noticed her growing belly and took her to doctors, who thought she had a tumor. But after running tests, they were astounded to discover that she was seven months pregnant.

Her son was born just a few weeks later viacesarean section, as her pelvis was much too small to consider the alternative. She and her family named the baby Gerardo after the doctor who delivered him.

During the birth, doctors realized that Lina had a condition called precocious puberty, which causes puberty to happen at an unusually early age.

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