While most police officers are tasked to protect and serve the people in their communities, one cop is going above and beyond to ensure that every stray feline she comes across is cared for.

Gretchen Byrne has spent 18 years on the Boca Raton police force and she’s known as the cop who just can’t get enough of cats. In fact, she regularly brings home the stray cats she finds and gives them love and nourishment all out of her own pocket until they can be re-homed.

When she’s busy, her new feline friends hang with other officers at the precinct!

The crazy cat cop also spends her breaks and lunch hours feeding and caring for the cuties.

She’s taken over 60 cats in need under her wing!

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When news of her animal-loving ways got around town, she started getting calls from other cops and community members when they found strays.

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Once the kitties are good to go, she helps find them homes through an Instagram account.

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