As a tourist, I hate carrying around big maps as I explore a new city. I can almost feel the locals judging me for my incompetence.

But after seeing what this Redditor did with the maps they collected after studying abroad for a semester, I may actually get a map at each new place I go from now on…

This is too cool not to do!

First, GoldenBaby traced out the portions of the maps that they wanted to use for the coasters.

To adhere the cutouts to the tiles, a little Mod Podge was all that was needed.

Tape on the bottom would protect the underside from what came next…

GoldenBaby didn’t want the coasters to stick to the cardboard, so they put them up on paper cups so the enamel would drip off.

This stuff would protect the maps and add a beautiful shine to them.

Some easy mixing and we’re ready to go!

After pouring the enamel over the tiles, GoldenBaby used a piece of cardboard to even any spots out.

So shiny…

It took about 72 hours for the enamel to completely dry.

After removing the tape, GoldenBaby added some felt to the bottoms.

What an easy project!

Can you guess which cities these are from?

I love to travel and generally like to get something from every place I visit. These are a genius — and cheap — way to remember a destination.

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