Online, we see animals do crazy tricks all the time. It’s delightful.

What we don’t often get to see is the work that goes into teaching these animals how to do these incredible feats. A show called “Teach My Pet to Do That” on ITV is revealing the secrets behind animal training by sending a behaviorist to people’s homes to, well, teach their pets to do “that.”

The “that” in the case of a woman named Hannah was to have her cat ride on her dog’s back. She’d seen a dog ride a horse before, which inspired the trick. Did they pull it off? Check it out below.

Jo-Rosie Haffenden, an animal behaviorist, helped Hannah over the course of five weeks. The first step was to get the dog, Moss, used to wearing a saddle.

Then they had to teach the cat, River, to climb aboard without spooking either animal. It was a long process.

Ultimately, though, they were successful. It’s pretty adorable, so check out Moss and River doing their thing in the video below.

Now that’s dedication! I wonder what kinds of tricks these two talented pets will take on next!

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