Despite literally no evidence to the contrary, some people still do not believe that vaccinations are safe.

Not only are complications rare, vaccinations create a herd immunity that helps keep us all safe from potentially deadly illnesses. Whether they want to hear it or not, parents who refuse to vaccinate their children put others at risk.

One mom is now saying she’d rather go to jail than vaccinate her son, and it seems the authorities may take her up on that offer.

Rebecca Bredow and her ex-husband had previously decided to space out their son’s vaccinations rather than grouping them as doctors recommend.

After the divorce, Bredow says her ex-husband “changed his mind,” petitioning the court to require her to vaccinate their son fully. He won the case, and she was given five days to vaccinate.

Bredow now says, “I would rather go to jail for standing up for what I believe in than vaccinating my child,” adding she believes the decision to vaccinate your child is a “personal choice.”

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