One of the reasons dolls are so fun to play with as a child is that you get to pretend to be a parent.

Playacting these adult roles is an important step in our development and figuring out what we want to do later in life. Some children, however, never get the experience of playing with dolls that look like them. Sometimes that’s because skin tone options are limited, though this is improving slowly in the toy world. Other times, a child’s particular disease or disability isn’t represented in doll form.

But one creator who’s working to change that. Custom doll artist Kay Black to the rescue!

Kay Black, a.k.a. Kay Customz, creates incredible custom dolls for her customers.

Some of her most recent creations feature dolls with vitiligo, a rare skin condition.

Vitiligo results in the lightening of patches of skin, and people who have the condition often report bullying.

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Winnie Harlow

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