Helping stray animals in need can be tricky, especially without the proper experience or supplies.

When one couple found a badly hurt and sick kitten, they weren’t sure how to keep her alive (let alone help her get better). But thanks to lots of love and sheer determination, the family gave this little fuzzball a second chance at life.

This is Penny. Her mother carried her near a home, put her on the ground, and never returned.

It’s not clear why she was abandoned, but it could have been because of her failing health.

The family discovered her on a Sunday, so they couldn’t take her to a vet. Her mouth was full of blood and gravel.

Her eyes were also shut and crusted with blood.

They did their best to keep her warm and hydrated while they waited to get into a vet’s office.

The next day, a vet examined her and said she was in a very bad state.

He thought she was only one week old and he was very worried about her eyes.

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A rescue organization helped the couple looking after the kitten, giving them milk and some medicine. Soon, Penny opened her eyes.

Here she’s 2-3 weeks old.

As she got better, it was clear that Penny’s mouth was crushed (possibly because she was hit by someone or something).

Because of that injury, her eyes water a little and she’s missing her upper right teeth…

…but she also has a permanent look of adorable smugness.

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Thanks to all of the love and attention, Penny became healthy and grew quickly.

This is Penny’s little smirk when she was 2 months old.

The rescue kitten was quick to bond with the couple’s other cat, Eden.

Ahhhhh, being a house cat is the good life!

“8 months later, Penny is now a chubby kitty! She’s full of energy, always playing, and always looking for cuddle.”

That smirk melts my heart!

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