Over the years here at ViralNova, we’ve seen some moms do some pretty disturbing things, but none of them have earned a title quite like this.

To many, Cheryl Prudham is more commonly known as “the most shameless mom in all of Britain.” But while Prudham might not be abusing or mistreating her children to earn such a title, she’s not exactly going above and beyond to support them either. Prudham is the mother to 12 children and has outright admitted that she’s addicted to having babies. Instead of working to support them, however, this mother relies on government assistance and benefits to feed and clothe them.

After leaving her husband Robert, Prudham was raising her children on her own while also feeling the urge to add another newborn to the mix.

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To make her dreams of another child a reality, the single mother began looking into donor websites.

That’s when Prudham was caught entirely off guard by a budding relationship with Lee Bell, who’s now her boyfriend.

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