Street art is awesome. I’m not referring to a vandal spray painting genitals on the side of a McDonald’s or anything like that. But when an artist takes advantage of his urban surroundings to create art anyone can appreciate, well…I appreciate it.

Here are ten epic examples of street art done very, very right.

1. Storm drain located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

2. Keyboard made from bricks in Brussels, Belgium.

3. Graffiti removal…graffiti by Banksy.

4. The leaning tower of Pisa in Philadelphia.

5. Spiderman using a crack as a web, located in Germany.

6. Amazing piece by Michael Summers.

7. The “drowning man” street art. Location unknown.

8. Diving from the railing.

9. This is called the “Holding Hand” and it’s in Germany.

10. Simple, yet creative and cool. By Mark Jenkins.

As someone whose art doesn’t go too much beyond squirting a ketchup smiley face on a burger, those are awesome.


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