In a swanky neighborhood of southeast London, there is a large Victorian Gothic mansion that’s for sale. It’s listed at $5.35 million and it has so many amenities you’d expect. There’s almost 7,000 square feet of elegance for any potential homeowner to enjoy. There are 8 bedrooms, 2 reception rooms, a dining room, a kitchen, a breakfast room, a sitting room/games room, play room, study, dressing room and wine cellar. This house has it all. And we mean everything.

This expensive Victorian mansion just oozes class and elegance.

All of the furnishings are exquisite.

The landscaping is beautiful as well.

Throughout the house, there are period features and accents.

It’s a very traditional manor in London.

So when you walk into this old-style, elegant house…

You would never expect to see THIS in the attic.

The “play room” included in the listing is actually a spaceship room located in the attic. Inside the attic, there are two car seats that make up “mission control” and a toy chest full of space suits and gear. The walls are covered in blinking lights, monitors, vents and cables. You’d swear that you were on a retro Star Trek set if you stepped inside. And the houses’s description online? “This beautiful Victorian family home ‘Rockmount’ is a sublime example of one of the best suburban villas on Church Road. The imposing Gothic Grade II listed house also boasts self contained accommodation, double garage, off-street parking for several cars, a wonderful garden and detached lodge.” They neglected to boast about the best part. The spaceship. Source: Right Move Share this awesome Victorian Gothic with others. They’ll never expect to see what’s in the attic.

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