When somebody gives you a compliment, what do you think the appropriate response should be?

While a simple “thanks” seems like it should suffice, many women find that in their experience, some men react very negatively to that one-word response. To prove her point, accomplished author, social worker, and activist Michelle Taylor, who goes by Feminista Jones, decided to try a little social experiment on Twitter to find out how many other women have had the same treatment when they agree with or choose not to deflect compliments from men.

Right off the bat, women shared their text conversations with men who were shockingly mean when they didn’t get the response they were obviously expecting.

Apparently “thanks” is a four-letter word as far as they’re concerned.

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We women must have all missed the memo that we’re not supposed to like things about ourselves that others do.

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Seriously, are we just supposed to be dumb and beautiful?

Twitter / haunted ravioli

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Men as teachers. Men as validation. Men as approval. Men as decision-makers of what is “hot”. Men as arbiters of praise. Men in control.

— TheDevil’s Sidechick (@FeministaJones) May 13, 2017

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/agreeing-with-compliments/

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