Voyager 2 was launched into space on August 20, 1977.

Initially, the space probe was used to study the outer planets of our solar system. More than 39 years since its initial launch, Voyager 2 is still in use, having been given a new mission to explore and study the outer limits of our solar system and beyond.

While Voyager 2 is U.S. property and is under the control of NASA, six years ago, an alleged change in the probe’s binary code led one German scientist to believe that something or someone else had temporarily taken over.

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In 2010, Voyager 2 became the first U.S. space probe to travel outside the limits of our solar system.

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According to NASA expert Kevin Baines, while the probe was entering interstellar space, it began sending communications to Earth in an unknown language.

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Assuming the probe was malfunctioning, scientists began running system diagnostics.

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After they found nothing wrong with the probe, they discovered one minute change in its binary code. A0 had been changed to A1. Further investigation led some to conclude that it was being controlled by an outside force.

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Due to the distance between Earth and the interstellar galaxy, scientists did not believe that the alleged hacker was from Earth.

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It took NASA’s expert team of scientists nearly three weeks to get Voyager 2’s computer system back to normal. Final investigative reports reveal that many still aren’t sure of what really happened.

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While NASA remains mute about the Voyager 2 hacking, German scientist Hartwig Hausdorff believes that the unidentifiable messages were sent by an alien race.


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While a majority of this is pure speculation, I can’t help but think that if aliens wanted to get in contact with Earth, wouldn’t it be easier to simply come for a visit?


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