Think of a small, busy street in another country. You probably just imagined a narrow road full of pedestrians and cars, with motorbikes darting in and out. In Vietnam, those motorbikes are iconic part of their culture. Because of its cities’ small streets and high population densities, the bikes are a perfect form of transportation. But they aren’t just for getting around. Photographer Hans Kemp was able to see their importance first-hand. He was in the country before the Vietnamese New Year, and the streets were bustling, full of motorbikes.

The bikes are used to get from A to B…

But not just for people.

Many creative Vietnamese people use the motorbikes to transport goods.

The tiny bikes can also hold multiple people.

Almost anything can be put on the back of a motorbike.

Just use your imagination.

Whatever you think of…

Someone has probably already used a motorbike to move it.

It’s a unique and cheap form of transportation.

And the Vietnamese do their best to take advantage of it.

Source: Hans Kemp via Slate Even though the motorbikes are useful, they’re also dangerous. They offer little protection, the drivers are aggressive and balancing an entire stack of bottles or boxes can definitely distract a driver. Nonetheless, it’s an impressive talent.

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